Peter Mance


The Maaps studio is steered deftly by industry stalwart Peter Mance. With more than 30 years in his design career, Peter’s experience spans most sectors from hospitality, residential and education through to retail, marine and commercial.

Peter has worked on culturally diverse projects worldwide, and his attention to detail and natural intuition ensure that the environments created by the studio are beautiful, functional, thoughtful and crafted. Peter’s strong background in technical and operational design capabilities provides a solid foundation for his team to reference and his leadership in these areas enables the designs which come out of the studio to not only aesthetically please, but also be practically achieved/built.

Helen Chong


Client facing and technical, Helen has vast knowledge of the entire interior design process having delivered multiple prestigious restaurant, hospitality and hotel schemes globally. Helen is renowned for her calm, unflappable attitude which enables her to concentrate on the seamless delivery of the client’s vision time and again. 

Marina Cipileaga

Part 2 Architectural Assistant

Marina provides invaluable support with her extremely capable approach to project work, focussing on the detail and ensuring that nothing is missed. Her calm eye and consistent methodology is a reassuring presence over the course of any project. 

Lyuba Pekyanska

Part 2 Architectural Assistant

Always with a positive attitude and excellent communication skills, Lyuba’s clients are consistently comfortable in her ability to deliver their vision just as they want it. Her experience in delivery, back end technicality and pulling together the right team for the right job ensure that clients are able to relax knowing every aspect of their project is competently and consistently covered.

Aleksandra Dineva


Alex takes projects from concept to completion ensuring briefs are met in a timely and efficient manner. A strong advocator of continuous learning and an avid interest in the design world at large, she is fully informed on the latest trends, projects, technologies and materials, which translates into her innovative and original design style.

Louise is our vibrant Queen of Accounting, demanding nothing less than a balanced spreadsheet, a paid invoice, and a signed contract. She is renowned for her fastidious, organised, and professional approach, which ensures the MAAPS back office keeps on a steady and even keel. Louise also gains immense energy from sharing in the team’s design process and supporting their creative work.

Fred Bear

CSO (Chief Security Officer)

Mr alert and attentive.


CWO (Chief Welfare Officer)

A glamorous soft sable coat with an adorable resonant purr.