Penshurst Gardens

It’s always fascinating how new projects arrive at our door. Penshurst Gardens came to us via a trusted contractor whose Client had bought a 2-storey North London home in dire need of an overhaul. As initial repair works commenced, the Client soon realised a far more ambitious project was achievable. 

 Our specialist guidance was sought to provide a MAAPS design solution which would reorganise, reorientate, and maximise the untapped magic of the site. Four key design principles drove our process: to create a sense of largess; to harmonise the interior with the exterior; to harness the staircase as the home’s core connective thread; and to infuse the house with natural light. 

 The building’s rear elevation was completely demolished, excavated, extended and rebuilt. A basement music studio was added, together with garden kitchen-dining-reception rooms, an expansive Master bedroom suite, and a new attic level. Two-storeys became four. 

 While the programme of works required extensive architectural remodelling, the outward appearance cleverly retains the simplicity, honesty, and charm of the original house. The careful layering of the rear façade; the embracing of vernacular materials and proportions all helped design a sensitive and reassuring response to the Client’s ambitious brief. 

 The result is a home which effortlessly expands and cascades outwards into the garden. The project perfectly illustrates how deft design can enhance the life and value of a building as a home. 

Images © Alex Maguire Photography

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