The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners

William H Miller Jr. is affectionately known within the cruise fraternity as “Mr Ocean Liner” with over 40 books on the subject to his name. This 1985 edition is a chronological (1890 – 1982) pictoral journey into the “FABULOUS”.

At MAAPS, we have worked within the refit and new-building world for many years, and the love that we share for these magnificent liners, is aptly captured in Miller’s Forward:
“…if seeing these beautiful queens was exciting, going aboard was thrilling. It was like entering some magical world. A fresh and sudden spell took hold from the very moment that you crossed the gangway, stepping from the functional steel structure of one of the long, bleak piers into the warmth, vitality, and sense of excitement of a ship’s entrance foyer. It was a thrill, a joy, almost a delicious bewilderment.”

The spectacular interiors of the Normandie, Queen Mary, and United States are among the greatest spaces every made, and easily eclipsed the land based alure of the world’s grandest hotels. The interiors of these majestic liners are fashioned as marvels of exoticism, escapism, and glamour. Designed to cultivate a sense of awe and respect, yet equally to surprise passengers, showcasing that such splendour and comfort could exist aboard a ship. Built as floating statements of national prowess, each exhibiting the pinnacle of artisanal magnificence, cultural sophistication, and the otherworldly luxury of their time.

Miller’s book celebrates the hedonism, adventures, and luxury of voyages we all wished we could have sailed. And from the deskbound reality of December 2020, a time where the possibility of international travel has been denied, long may we continue to be wooed, transported, and carried by liners of equal splendour and delight.

The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners – ISBN 0-486-22756-2

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