Modern Dutch Buildings

This 1931 book captures the architectural summer tour of our Director’s (Peter Mance) 3rd year degree field trip to Holland led by Kingston Poly’ tutors Fred Scott, Brian Beardsmore, and Stuart Durant in 1986. 10 days of immersive introduction to Dudok, Duiker, Berlage, Kuipers, Boterenbrood, Brinkman, van der Vlugt, Buijs, de Klerk. Kramer, Mertens, Oud and Wijdeveld. Fledgling OMA excitement too.

All the projects we visited seemingly effortless in the expression of honesty in building, craft, orientation, and materials. The very foundation of a new humancentric modernism in architecture. A care for those who will use the buildings, a warmth of thought, and a generosity of intent. Still captivating and inspirational.

Modern Dutch Buildings – F. R. Yerbury, published by Ernest Benn, Limited, London 

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