Engineering Drawing & Design

We’ve had a copy of this British Standards book in our library since 1988. It’s necessarily detailed, absurdly geeky, and harks back to past days of Rotring ink, drafting machines, and template circles. However, nestled in this valuable book are important lessons and examples of what makes an efficient and effective drawing. Fundamentally, the standards manual walks you through the process of how to organise a page and therefore by extension how to organise and communicate your thoughts.

It sets out a clarity of expression, one concerned with absolute precision and intent, yet leaves ample creative space for an elegantly drafted page.

Our favourite bits are the seemingly obscure symbols for welding, fluid power systems, directions of lay, etc. It is as if ancient Runes and Cuneiform scripts were rediscovered to shape our future. This kind of obsession and curiosity is a foundation on which we have built our love and craft of design.

Manual of British Standards in Engineering Drawing and Design – ISBN 0 09 151910 1 cased / 0 09 151911 X paper 

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