Brian Eno – Light Music

Our office library holds its share of rare and lovely surprises. This limited-edition copy (64/1500) of Brian’s “Light Music” catalogues the 2017 installation at the Paul Stolper Gallery. Much as the ambient music created by Eno inhabits our office soundscape, these works of light bring a meditative state of calm contemplation from which ideas can distil and emerge. His slowly cycling mutations of colour washes within a static frame, play an everchanging mood of the randomness of life and light itself.

Eno’s love and exploration of technology, creation, physics, and nature have become a touchstone for our own sense of “mercuriosity” and wonder of the world he provides. A reminder that our often called “Vision” doesn’t arise only out of the mind of the artist/designer, but also out of the trade tools and technologies at our disposal. Design is a process of co-creation fostered from a prevailing ecology of cultural ideas, and an acknowledgement that the influences which shape our life and the spaces in which we dwell are everywhere, all the time.

Eno’s unique work, philosophy, openness, humility, and engagement are clearly born out of his empathy to nature’s creations and to the creative act of artistic collaboration. His installations and compositions evoke stillness, curiosity, and slowness. He deploys an aleatoric and autopoiesis process, where some element of the composition is left to chance – self making. He holds a belief that given the right conditions, a natural beguiling complexity spontaneously grows out of simplicity.

Like Eno, we can track back our fascinations and preoccupations with the way light and colour play within a space to our Art School beginnings. The permutations and effects of light. both natural and artificially illuminated, remain an endless source of inspiration to us. The effect of light is constantly refreshed and re-formed like the clouds, shadows, dappled textures, and refracted shards of light that daily surround us all. The essence of MAAPS creative endeavour is to adapt and repurpose technology, materials, light, colour, and the psychological experience of space to give shape and emotional value to the places we design for you.

Brian Eno, Light Music – ISBN 978-0-9552154-9-0

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