4+1 Peter Salter: Building Projects

We were torn between sharing 4+1 or the equally beguiling 2019 Walmer Yard book (ISBN 978-1-911422-07-5) which both convey Peter’s singular architectural imagination as both drawn and built work. Peter’s unique way of work seems to be a beautiful, delicate, and obsessive lunacy, sometimes corpulently populated, in which he creates evocative and memorable spaces.

The four Japanese building projects presented in 4+1 illustrate how Peter’s drawings are a subtly layered and percolating process, with both an assimilated and independent expression of cultural and contextual design thinking. The drawings bring forward his intuitive relationship to the host sites and convey Peter’s equally authentic appreciation of the historical traditions and artisanal technologies of Japanese building.

Peter’s Thai Fish Restaurant project was our first introduction to his drawn world. We marvelled at the way the private dining chambers hovered as subterranean vessels while the daily menu of crustaceans transfigured themselves into chairs.  We delight in his precise draftsmanship which is lucidly choregraphed alongside expressive, ingenious, and ferociously detailed architectural materiality.

Peter’s ability to imaginatively convey a subtle sequencing and sense of space is perhaps where we most connect with his work. At MAAPS, our approach to working within both the architectural and interior realm is to create a direct human connection so that those who dwell within the spaces we design are cared for.

4+1 Peter Salter: Building Projects – ISBN 1 901033 36 8

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