The Gingerbread City

7th December 2019, this time last year, the lead-up to Christmas was cast very differently.

Our intrepid MAAPS team of “fluff & puff” bakers were happily returning from their heady ginger-scented bake-off contribution to The Gingerbread City® exhibition, a joyful Christmas fund-raiser hosted by the Museum of Architecture at Somerset House, with a warm glow in their hearts and child-like wonder in their eyes.

Our team were rightly pleased to achieve practical completion of a fabulous design, after so many hours invested in creative kitchen practice-run endeavours. From these efforts, they created the installation of an intricate bridge design cast as a regal quartet of Guardian alley cats. Basing the design on a playful re-imagination of MAAPS’s own “Puss-in-Boots” team, these sphynx-like feline sentinels stand proudly over the threshold to the Gingerbread City to ward off evil spirits and protect all who cross its boundaries. And better still, this was yet another MAAPS project delivered on time and on budget.

While this year’s Gingerbread City exhibition will not be taking place for obvious Tier II safety reasons, a Plan B has been invoked. The Museum of Architecture has lovingly curated images and behind-the-scenes photographs by the many architects, designers, and engineers who have imagined a world in gingerbread over the last four years. These fabulous images can be found HERE, bound together as a joyful warming Advent Calendar – Day 12 is Bridges!!!!

Last year’s event raised funds towards the Museum of Architecture’s Grant Giving Fund which supports architectural entrepreneurship and public engagement. Please do support them so they can continue their sterling work by buying children’s Christmas gifts at or make a donation here:

As 2021 approaches, may you all navigate a careful & safe path through into the new year.

Keep safe / Be well / LLAP

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