Here’s Where I Find My Endless Summer . . .

Enter the realm of a true Summer House Caribbean escape with the MAAPS-redesigned guestrooms of the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort.

We took our inspiration from the rich ocean beachfront directly outside the hotel: light-toned wood for a sun-brushed feel, enticing turquoise reflecting the ocean’s vital freshness, and textures that echo the lushness of the island’s flora. At the same time, we created intimate spaces within the suites and rooms for guests to find their own individual calm, streamlined the surfaces for flexible utility and maximised tactile comfort by employing a variety of enlivening fabrics.

The furniture we designed is compact and purposeful, as easy to appreciate as to enjoy. We thought of the guest at each contact point, from calmly flush individual reading lamps and readily to-hand hidden refrigerator and coffee corner, to discreet comforts like a luggage rack that also serves as a bench for extra seating and inset furniture edges at toe level for fewer painful bumps. You will find each room an integrated and robust whole package, designed with care to enhance the guest’s relaxing holiday now and well into future return visits.

A special thank you to our partners –

Lighting: Chelsom

Furniture: Bernhardt Hospitality

Fabrics: Sunbury Design , Panaz , Edmund Bell

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