Club Quarters Hotel, LIF Alumni Level Rooms, London

Our brief from Club Quarters was to design a suite of bespoke hybrid business guestrooms, located three levels underground. We were to meet the needs of the CQ’s Alumni members, allow for flexible use, and to deliver a highly crafted finish.

The most obvious challenge is designing rooms that are entirely windowless. At first glance, “windowless” seems so unwelcome and unappealing. However, embracing the lack of natural light became our creative impetus. We directed our attention to the finer details: how to choreograph introduced light and how to envelope guests with a generous atmosphere of warmth, calm, and comfort. For these answers, we dug deep into our maritime design heritage to emulate the mood and sophistication of an inboard cabin on a luxury yacht.

This is a fabulous example where embracing space limitations as positives allowed us to build strong points of empathy to ensure we matched the needs of hotel guests for function and feel, while also meeting our Hotel client’s needs for durability and return on investment.

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