Great Peter Street, Westminster

Great Peter Street, Westminster The owner of this large flat in the centre of Westminster wanted a reimagined space, infused with light and focussed on entertainment. Furthermore, the potential display of his art and antiques collection was foremost in his thinking behind investing in the property. MAAPS designed an immaculately detailed ‘Cleanskin’ set of rooms, […]

Penshurst Gardens, Edgware, London

Penshurst Gardens, Edgware, London While the programme of works required extensive architectural remodelling, the outward appearance cleverly retains the simplicity, honesty, and charm of the original house. The careful layering of the rear façade; the embracing of vernacular materials and proportions all helped design a sensitive and reassuring response to the Client’s ambitious brief. Our […]

Field House, Lewis Road, Kettering

Field House, Lewis Road, Kettering At MAAPS we are constantly engaged with how the design of new buildings interact and sit purposefully within existing traditional neighbourhoods. Field House is a classic example of where our client loved the ambience of the location yet wished to create their own distinctive solution to fulfil their needs and […]

Carlisle Mansions, Westminster

Carlisle Mansions, Westminster Repeated water damage in this Westminster flat led clients to MAAPS for a full resuscitation of their dwelling. Preserving the best of the building’s late-Victorian original language, while proposing design enhancements, was our urgent task. Furthermore, coordinating amongst the different parties involved – insurer, neighbours, residents’ association, contracting and subcontracting teams – […]

Clifden Road Terrace, Lower Clapton, London

Clifden Road Terrace, Lower Clapton, London The results of this total renovation include new open spaces and the use of bold internal colours throughout. Attention toward bringing the outside inside has been made on the ground and uppermost floors, to allow the maximum flexibility for a growing family. This east London townhouse needed a thorough […]

Sutton Place, Hackney, London

Sutton Place, Hackney, London Bathrooms are sometimes the most important parts of a home. In this early Victorian townhouse, the owners required their spaces to meet both comfort and privacy exactitude. The upper-floor bathroom was divided into bathing and WC separate spaces, to allow for increased use by home office co-workers. Tiled throughout with deeply […]

Pine Grove, Totteridge, London

Pine Grove, Totteridge, London Our clients fell in love with this delightful rural Totteridge location, the “Arts & Crafts” feel of the original house, and the expansive rear garden with countryside views across South Hertford. MAAPS were commissioned to provide full planning, architectural, and interior design services for this residential project. Our immediate priority was […]

Great Ocean Road Villa, Victoria, Australia

Great Ocean Road Villa, Victoria, Australia Along the iconic Great Ocean Road, on a family owned block, our clients asked MAAPS to design a new-build contemporary 400m² two-story 5-bedroom detached residence. The site was chosen for a combination of its natural sublime majesty and the family’s long-standing connection to this part of Australia. Our brief: […]