The Gingerbread City

7th December 2019, this time last year, the lead-up to Christmas was cast very differently. Our intrepid MAAPS team of “fluff & puff” bakers were happily returning from their heady ginger-scented bake-off contribution to The Gingerbread City® exhibition, a joyful Christmas fund-raiser hosted by the Museum of Architecture at Somerset House, with a warm glow […]

MAAPS Shortlisted In The 2020 IHPA “Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Europe” Awards

We are honoured to have been short-listed in the 2020 IHPA “Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Europe” Awards for our design work at Club Quarters Hotel, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London.  We are one of four companies short-listed in this category so our odds of collecting the award, with your support, are encouraging. View the project […]

Reflective Space

For interior design, mirrors and reflective surfaces are material superpowers and are integral components of how MAAPS reimagines and designs space. Extended version of article published in Hotel Designs 12 MINUTE READ Mystery Once solely a mystical surface and religious metaphor for divine interpretation by Scryers and Soothsayers, mirrors are seemingly a portal to another […]

Parliamentary Review: Best Practice Representative 2020

Director Peter Mance tells The Parliamentary Review that MAAPS Design & Architecture “crafts space”. Working across the UK and internationally, Peter and the team at MAAPS use colour, texture, light, ambience, material and memory to deliver innovative and specialist architecture and interior design solutions. Peter says their interior design work is often concerned with the […]

Should business hotels go ‘FIFO’?

FIFO (Fly In / Fly Out) is a common workforce rostering concept employed by the gas and mining communities. With the move into our “Stay Alert” phase in the UK it may be an opportune moment for business focused hotels to explore and offer a FIFO accommodation model to corporate and institutional teams. Perhaps expanding […]

The meaning of hospitality in a hostile world?

Designer Peter Mance, who is the director of MAAPS Design and Architecture, takes a thorough look at why design in hospitality will change post-pandemic. Article written for and published in Hotel Designs 20/04/2020 10 MINUTE READ Me: “Alexa, define ‘hospitality’.”Alexa: “The definition of hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” A […]