Glenn Murcutt

We’ve long admired Glenn Murcutt’s detailed, intricate, intense, and practical drawing style. In our own drawings we strive to emulate the same commitment to the thinking of every junction, the meeting of each material and mechanism, the surfaces, the structure, the vistas, the capture and play of light, and every single gust of wind. His drawn work is a masterclass of intense communication and the making of place. You […]

Carlo Scarpa

Celebrating the Joint  The Rizzoli 1985 “Complete Works” landed in our hands as a marvel. Showing us how Scarpa’s studious, sensitive, and inventive designer’s eye could delicately marshal stone, brass, timber, and water. I still recall falling in love with the meticulous details, play of texture and the gorgeous coloured venetian plaster. His skill at weaving bold architectural interventions within old buildings was just brilliant. A true master. Here in Robert McCarter’s 2013 monograph, the essentials projects are handsomely and evocatively captured reminding us […]

Ben Nicholson

Whether as a window framed view or as stacked assemblages of muted geometrical plains, Nicholson’s deft, layered, and finely grained paintings, reliefs, and sculpture have a natural affinity with 20th century modernist architecture. The scale and textured intensity of the works, while seemingly quiet in form are deceptively lingering and enthralling surfaces in which to dwell. Norbert Lynton’s weighty 1993 monograph subtly captures Nicholson’s artistic evolution as a painter across a career of 60 years. Nicholson’s resonance and influence for us are […]

Franklin D. Israel

Of the clutch of LA Architectural highlights of the late 80’s and early 90’s by Gehry, Morphosis, and Eric Owen Moss, Frank’s residential and commercial office projects connected with us in a more humane and empathetic way. Many of the large warehouse offices providing a literal open stage for his imaginative and carefully articulated geometry. With layered vistas of warm textured render, […]

The meaning of hospitality in a hostile world?

Designer Peter Mance, who is the director of MAAPS Design and Architecture, takes a thorough look at why design in hospitality will change post-pandemic. Article written for and published in Hotel Designs 20/04/2020 10 MINUTE READ Me: “Alexa, define ‘hospitality’.”Alexa: “The definition of hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” A […]

Club Quarters Hotel, LIF Alumni Level Rooms, London

Club Quarters Hotel, LIF Alumni Level Rooms, London Our brief from Club Quarters was to design a suite of bespoke hybrid business guestrooms, located three levels underground. We were to meet the needs of the CQ’s Alumni members, allow for flexible use, and to deliver a highly crafted finish. The most obvious challenge is designing […]

Pine Grove, Totteridge, London

Pine Grove, Totteridge, London Our clients fell in love with this delightful rural Totteridge location, the “Arts & Crafts” feel of the original house, and the expansive rear garden with countryside views across South Hertford. MAAPS were commissioned to provide full planning, architectural, and interior design services for this residential project. Our immediate priority was […]

Great Peter Street, Westminster

Great Peter Street, Westminster Westminster pied-à-terre. Restrained, assured, and immaculately detailed “Cleanskin” Westminster apartment for an avid art and antiques collector. Images © Alex Maguire Photography BACK TO WORK

Field House, Lewis Road, Kettering

Field House, Lewis Road, Kettering At MAAPS we are constantly engaged with how the design of new buildings interact and sit purposefully within existing traditional neighbourhoods. Field House is a classic example of where our client loved the ambience of the location yet wished to create their own distinctive solution to fulfil their needs and […]

Great Ocean Road Villa, Victoria, Australia

Great Ocean Road Villa, Victoria, Australia Along the iconic Great Ocean Road, on a family owned block, our clients asked MAAPS to design a new-build contemporary 400m² two-story 5-bedroom detached residence. The site was chosen for a combination of its natural sublime majesty and the family’s long-standing connection to this part of Australia. Our brief: […]