Reflective Space

For interior design, mirrors and reflective surfaces are material superpowers and are integral components of how MAAPS reimagines and designs space. Extended version of article published in Hotel Designs 12 MINUTE READ Mystery Once solely a mystical surface and religious metaphor for divine interpretation by Scryers and Soothsayers, mirrors are seemingly a portal to another […]

Engineering Drawing & Design

We’ve had a copy of this British Standards book in our library since 1988. It’s necessarily detailed, absurdly geeky, and harks back to past days of Rotring ink, drafting machines, and template circles. However, nestled in this valuable book are important lessons and examples of what makes an efficient and effective drawing. Fundamentally, the standards […]

Sir John Soane’s Museum

Sir John Soane’s London house in Lincoln’s Inn Fields (1792–1837) is surely one of the most extraordinary didactic interiors imaginable for architects and designers alike. The house manages to conjure a monumental scale within confined spaces and exploits innovative architectural inventions to create a visually multi-layered experience and sequencing of space. For us, Soane’s use […]

Parliamentary Review: Best Practice Representative 2020

Director Peter Mance tells The Parliamentary Review that MAAPS Design & Architecture “crafts space”. Working across the UK and internationally, Peter and the team at MAAPS use colour, texture, light, ambience, material and memory to deliver innovative and specialist architecture and interior design solutions. Peter says their interior design work is often concerned with the […]

Eileen Gray

Peter Adam’s 1987 biography details one of the most important designers and architects of the 20th century. Resolutely independent and frequently underappreciated, Eileen Gray (1878–1976) was a pioneer of the modernist principle of form following function. In a world largely dominated by men her residential project E.1027, the home that she designed and furnished herself, […]

Louise Bourgeois

Bourgeois remarkable invasion of Spiders and Towers to herald the opening of Tate Modern in 2000 completely smashed our sensibilities about space and emotion. Bourgeois envisaged the towers, with their multiple platforms and winding stairs, as stages for intimate and revelatory encounters between strangers and friends alike. The “Cells” series, featured in this book and […]

Alvar Aalto

This 1998 Monograph and contemporary photographs was published to celebrate 100 years since Aalto’s birth. Aalto expression of a human centric modernism is a constant guiding principle to our practice: “Radicalism is required so that superficial cosiness can be avoided. In its place we have to pin down the problems whose solutions will create the basis for […]

Modern Dutch Buildings

This 1931 book captures the architectural summer tour of our Director’s (Peter Mance) 3rd year degree field trip to Holland led by Kingston Poly’ tutors Fred Scott, Brian Beardsmore, and Stuart Durant in 1986. 10 days of immersive introduction to Dudok, Duiker, Berlage, Kuipers, Boterenbrood, Brinkman, van der Vlugt, Buijs, de Klerk. Kramer, Mertens, Oud […]

Richard Wilson

Installation art has been a constant source of wonder and inspiration for us. Richard Wilson has the knack of serving up the reassembled fragments of our physical world as something quite magical. From his seminal work ‘20:50’, a sea of reflective sump oil, to the enigmatic ‘Slice of Reality’, ‘High Rise’, and ‘She came in […]

Should business hotels go ‘FIFO’?

FIFO (Fly In / Fly Out) is a common workforce rostering concept employed by the gas and mining communities. With the move into our “Stay Alert” phase in the UK it may be an opportune moment for business focused hotels to explore and offer a FIFO accommodation model to corporate and institutional teams. Perhaps expanding […]