The Gingerbread City

7th December 2019, this time last year, the lead-up to Christmas was cast very differently. Our intrepid MAAPS team of “fluff & puff” bakers were happily returning from their heady ginger-scented bake-off contribution to The Gingerbread City® exhibition, a joyful Christmas fund-raiser hosted by the Museum of Architecture at Somerset House, with a warm glow […]

MAAPS Shortlisted In The 2020 IHPA “Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Europe” Awards

We are honoured to have been short-listed in the 2020 IHPA “Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Europe” Awards for our design work at Club Quarters Hotel, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London.  We are one of four companies short-listed in this category so our odds of collecting the award, with your support, are encouraging. View the project […]

The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners

William H Miller Jr. is affectionately known within the cruise fraternity as “Mr Ocean Liner” with over 40 books on the subject to his name. This 1985 edition is a chronological (1890 – 1982) pictoral journey into the “FABULOUS”. At MAAPS, we have worked within the refit and new-building world for many years, and the […]

Penshurst Gardens

Penshurst Gardens It’s always fascinating how new projects arrive at our door. Penshurst Gardens came to us via a trusted contractor whose Client had bought a 2-storey North London home in dire need of an overhaul. As initial repair works commenced, the Client soon realised a far more ambitious project was achievable.   Our specialist guidance […]

Joseph Cornell

The beguiling intrigues of Joseph Cornell’s (1903 – 1772) cabinets of Mercuriosities constantly reward the viewer with surprise and delight. His collages and constructions are singular affirmations of his own sense of serenity, nostalgia, enchantment, beauty, and a quite compassionate sprinkling of the extraordinary.  Cornell’s surreal and intensely private world view is crafted out of […]

4+1 Peter Salter: Building Projects

We were torn between sharing 4+1 or the equally beguiling 2019 Walmer Yard book (ISBN 978-1-911422-07-5) which both convey Peter’s singular architectural imagination as both drawn and built work. Peter’s unique way of work seems to be a beautiful, delicate, and obsessive lunacy, sometimes corpulently populated, in which he creates evocative and memorable spaces. The […]

Brian Eno – Light Music

Our office library holds its share of rare and lovely surprises. This limited-edition copy (64/1500) of Brian’s “Light Music” catalogues the 2017 installation at the Paul Stolper Gallery. Much as the ambient music created by Eno inhabits our office soundscape, these works of light bring a meditative state of calm contemplation from which ideas can […]

Carlo Mollino

The eclectic and inventive furniture designs and interiors of Carlo Mollino (1905-73) draws its dynamic tension and figurative energy from the Second Futurist and Surrealist avant-gardes. Born in the quintessentially industrial city of Turin, the son of a prominent design engineer, and an architect by training, he shunned the prevailing rationalist modernism of the 40’s […]

Gordon Matta-Clark – Anarchitect

Published to accompany the 2017 exhibition at The Bronx Museum of Arts this catalogue captures the extraordinary work of Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978) whose socially conscious artistic urban practice challenged and blurred boundaries between contemporary art and architecture. Our initial attraction and admiration of his work – best illustrated by “Conical Intersect” (Beaubourg, 1975) – was […]

French Decorative Art

While this fascinating book catalogues the highlights of French decorative arts and interior design between 1900 to 1942, it is the period from 1919 to 1933 that most holds our interest. This period marks a transition from the decorative dressing of rooms into a much more ambitious, holistic interior design approach. As we move into […]