About Us

Founded in 2010 by Peter Mance, and based in Hackney, London. MAAPS has grown as a natural evolution of Peter’s previous practice and his formative design experience with Ben Kelly Design, Powell-Tuck Associates, Jasper Jacobs, Din Associates & Met Studio.

MAAPS Design and Architecture team provides a broad range of architectural, interior, and furniture design services. Our teams’ multi-disciplinary backgrounds enable us to be innovative, adaptable and creative. One of our key areas of expertise is in the challenge of reimagining and adapting existing spaces. We invest great care and thought into the desired emotional response of a space, and how it functions to support this. Underpinning this approach is our desire to focus not just on the immediate design, but on the legacy of the space. 

Through the careful use of natural resources and emerging technologies we interact within a sustainable and responsible framework to produce appropriate and cost-conscious solutions for our clients.

We embrace refurbishment and new build projects for individual and corporate clients, working across sectors including hospitality, residential, commercial, maritime and retail. We are successful in working with listed and heritage projects and working within conservation areas for both residential and commercial developments.